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Oink Midrand
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The Art of LivingThe Art of Living Course takes place from 20 April 2012 to 22 April 2012 – Holistic relaxation, stress elimination with an effective breathing technique, simple life guiding principles from Ancient scriptures. This course will share with you the practical wisdom for improving the quality of life.With The Art of Breathing Course, the answer to stress is right under your nose.

Have you ever been told to breathe in while counting from one to ten? You may have been given this advice to calm down from stress, and noticed that it worked. Did you know that it is possible to keep the same sense of calm from day to day? The key to achieving greater happiness isn’t very far. In fact, an Art of Breathing Course instructor would tell you it is right under your nose. Literally. It’s all in something as simple as the breath.

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So, why the breath?

So why is the breath so important in dealing with stress? With ever greater demands on our time, one needs more energy to handle the stress of daily life. Confidence, inner peace, enthusiasm and a smile - these qualities shine through naturally when the body is  full of energy and vitality. Learning the breathing techniques  taught in The Art of Breathing Course allows us to dissolve stress and negative emotions, calm the mind, and uplift our energy.

The Art of Living Course

Many have found more ease in relationships and in decision-making, thanks to clearer thinking and a more peaceful, understanding mind. Participants have found they have greater self-esteem, and even feel much younger than their years! So if you’re looking for the secret to happiness, why not join an Art of Breathing workshop near you? Start learning to be happy – by having a stress-free mind.





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