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Craig Nuttley
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YOUR MEMBERSHIP – Things You Didn’t Know

Automatic Membership to other Websites

When you register for a membership on one webs.com website, you gain automatic access to other websites:

For example: If you are a member of this website and you also have an accommodation venue or a car service centre, you can also apply and receive automatic membership to the Home of Cars Midrand or the Accommodation, Wedding Venue and Conference Centre websites which have membership galleries.

Automatic Reproduction of Your Profile

You will be asked if you want to be a member and to confirm this. When you confirm, your profile on this website will be automatically reproduced on your new account. NB: Please take the time to redirect your link if you are creating a new business profile on your new membership.) You can also create a whole new profile with a new name. It would make sense to be a member of both dedicated category website and the Community website if you are a business. And it’s all free!

Note that content you create in the forums on one website is not regenerated on other websites of which you are a member. It is only your profile which is automatically regenerated, but which you can edit and change individually by signing in and clicking ‘Edit Profile’

Your Signature – Why is it important?

When you create your profile you will see a signature section. Go to ‘Edit Profile’ This signature can be a linked logo (linked to your website or your business profile in the forum etc. or just a verse of text or an image. Whenever you post something on the forums or a job or something for sale, you can choose whether or not you want your signature to appear. This will enable anyone to access the information you want them to across the spectum of websites of which you are a member. It’s a great marketing tool!

Your Very Own Website Builder Account

Features to build your own website! Do you want a website just like this one? Build it yourself. If you haven’t yet discovered this feature, go to www.webs.com and use your sign in details. This will open a whole new world of opportunity to grow your web presence whether you are a family, business or personal service, webs.com is an approved and verified safe site with credentials to prove its superiority.

If you do not have the time or inclination to build your own site with all the features to entertain and communicate automatically with your clients and members (if you choose have a members site) speak to us and we’ll build it for you. Please read the terms of service regarding upgrades etc of websites that you build. Oink Directories can build, optimize manage and maintain your web identity and your Webs I.D account.

This is the way the web world is moving – Hop on board and don’t get left behind!


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